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One person decided to be an anti-booberdayist...
She probably thought to herself "I'm gonna change the internet", and the internet said "Fuck You!"

TeamBooberday would like to thank her for bringing attention to our cause. We do hope that the trolls aren't too hard on her though. We're all about the fun and the debates that are generated, and do not condone any mean spirited attitutdes or actions.

About Booberday!

What on Earth is Booberday all about?

It began with a small Google+ hangout groups frustration with the Caturday meme. It's not to say we dislike cats, or the cat memes... moreso it was an issue with the sheer volume of non-sensical cat images flooding our feeds.

In an effort to combat the cuteness, someone posted a cleavage shot to the stream... feeling that sexy trumps cute. Granted the first shot was, well, less than sexy male boobage... Still, the meme caught on with a ferver and spread beyond our small circle of hangouters.

Someone who was in opposition to our counter-meme misconstrued our intent of "Breast Awareness" (an awareness of boobs of all kinds), and decided to label us as raising "Cancer" awareness (completely not our intent). From there, the controversy surrounding the meme grew more heated. In a knee-jerk reaction, we thought we would direct all that traffic to legitimate causes, in the hopes of turning the negative into a positive. That, of course, spurred even more controversy (no good deed and all), and drove even more debates... people were blocked, and met with empty threats of unfounded suspensions. It seems, some people just can't take a joke on the internet.

Despite all that, team BBD has perservered, and continued with their light-hearted jaunt to combat the flood of cats.

So, that's the nutshell... haters gonna hate... Team BBD continues on. Welcome to 5+ weeks of silly.

In the meantime...
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